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This Blog Is Supported By… Health Designs!

I’ve been blogging for almost seven years now (!) and writing to the vast and wild unknowns of the internet has taken me to some interesting places. Like, for example, my first attempts at blogging…remember this? Yikes. I really will get around to reformatting all those early posts someday.  Really.


Since then, I’ve come a long way. I’ve been featured on other blogs, had a few posts (here and here) get some attention from the National Peace Corps Association, have taken up writing with a two other excellent publications (Go Girl Travel and Volunteer Global), and, of course, have enjoyed hundreds of thoughtful, heartfelt, and downright hilarious comments and emails from all of my wonderful, intelligent, and outrageously good-looking readers (like you!). But, I’ve never had dedicated supporters of this blog.  That is, until now.

Today I am excited to tell you about the newest supporter of Hannah Goes Fishing blog: Health Designs!

Remember back when I wrote this post about early termination? Shortly thereafter I received an email from the eCommerce Marketing Manager of Health Designs, Matthew. Matthew introduced himself and his company and offered me a $25 shopping spree to try out their site, at which they offer over 40,000 products ranging from vitamins and supplements to personal products to household goods. My reaction ran something like this:

“Oh man! Someone is offering me free stuff! Awesome!”

And then:

“Wait, someone is offering me free stuff. What’s the catch?”

And then:

“Who do these people think they are, trying to lure me into some dark and sinister internet plot with offers of free stuff?”

So, thinking surely that something was amiss, I emailed Matthew with my concerns. Why me? How’d you find me in the first place? I’m not a vitamin or health supplements or beauty products kind of gal, so why would Health Designs, of all companies, reach out to me?  It’s the internet, you know? You can’t be too careful (she said, typing away with 10 windows open).

Thankfully, Matthew is not only a wonderful and thoughtful person, he is also an excellent eCommerce Marketing Manager. He wrote back promptly with patient replies to all my suspicious wonderings.  In short, Health Designs staff strongly believe in and support the Peace Corps mission and do their best to reach out to volunteers with goodies that might help ease the discomfort of the 3rd world life. Matthew had found my blog just as my ET post went up, and though that I could use a chance at a care package from home.  I must admit, I was touched by the sentiment and impressed by his level of dedication to Peace Corps.

But, that’s not all. Matthew expressed that he appreciated my efforts to verify offers before leaping at opportunities arising from this blog, and so wanted to give me the chance to pass this offer from Health Designs on to all my excellent readers. So! Just in time for the holidays Health Designs is offering $5USD off your first offer if you shop with them using this link, or the promo code hannahgoesfishing. Pretty neat, huh?

Like I mentioned, they have thousands of products to choose from and offer their total cost calculator in currencies all over the world to make your shopping experience easier. So, if you’re looking for a place to accomplish your online shopping this holiday season, check out a company that supports Peace Corps and Peace Corps volunteers and save a few bucks with this special promo code (make sure you use the link above)!

Full disclosure: for every dollar (or kwacha, or rand, or whatever) you spend, I get a little kickback from Health Designs that I may spend on their site. They do not require me to tell you this, but I feel like it’s important for people to understand the impact their money makes!  Outside of the $25 they have given me to spend (which was offered no-strings-attached), Health Designs has not compensated me in any way to share this offer on my blog.