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Downstream Consulting

“All men are equal before fish.” – Herbert Hoover


What is Downstream Consulting?

Downstream Consulting is my environmental consulting company. I contract with both public and private agencies and individuals to provide environmental research, writing, and consulting services.

My services include:

  • Ethnographic study
  • Field work, both biological and anthropology-oriented
  • Technical writing and document evaluation
  • Interviews and interview assessment
  • Environmental education
  • Public outreach within the natural resources and fisheries sector
  • Youth development in agriculture, natural resources, and development
  • Public facilitation and moderation
  • and more…

My priorities in working with a client are:

  • Communication – A top priority for me.  I believe in taking some time to get to know my clients and their communication styles before beginning a project.
  • Clear expectations – I consider my relationship with a client to be as part of their team, and a team functions most efficiently and productively if all team members understand their roles.  I work with my clients prior to beginning a project to clearly define our expectations of each other, the project goals, and the means by which we will work together to accomplish those goals.
  • Creativity – I enjoy working with clients who are open to new ideas, creative problem-solving, or are looking for a new way to accomplish their goals.
  • Efficiency – I believe my clients want to get the most out of their money, and so I prioritize efficient use of our time, energy, and money when planning timelines and accomplishing tasks.

I have a project I want help with.  How can you help me meet my project goals?

Each contract and client are unique, and I endeavor to work with my clients to shape a work agreement that is beneficial to all parties and suits their needs appropriately.  When first working with a new client, my first priority is to get to know you, your project, and your project goals.  In most cases, my clients know what they want and are looking for someone with the appropriate skills to preform portions of the work needed.  We then will work together to draw up a contract that outlines their project, the scope of work I will be providing, and agreements about our working relationship, compensation, and a timeline.

What if I don’t know quite what I want from a contractor?

Occasionally,  a client will approach me with a project in its early stages, with future goals in mind, but no defined path to accomplish those goals.  In these cases, I can help you determine the most appropriate path to accomplish the work, and we can determine what role you would like me to play in that process.

You can view a PDF of my CV here: HannahHarrisonCV2014.

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