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Hello readers!

Today’s post is a quick update about some new features and projects with Hannah Goes Fishing, and to announce a new change to the blogging schedule.  Are you ready for the excitement?


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Whoa – new features!

Hannah Goes Fishing Blog has a new feature!  Some of you may have checked it out already, but if not, allow me to draw your attention to the tabs at the top of the page (or you can click here). You’ll notice a new tab called Volunteer. Please visit and tell me what you think. I put this new page together as a resource for people who are looking for ways to serve, but don’t have lots of spare bucks to be throwing around. Volunteering these days seems to have gotten really expensive, and I personally believe that volunteering should be a symbiotic relationship of free or close to free. Free for the person offering up their time and skills, free for the person or organization receiving that help. So, I put together a list of resources that are free or next to free for both parties.

You’ll notice that some of them aren’t really volunteering opportunities so much as connections to the volunteering community.  I hope you’ll join and become part of the world-wide community of volunteers who give their time and energy to more projects than you can shake a stick at. It’s truly remarkable, and I feel really proud to be part of such a community. I hope you will too.

Please note: I am looking to build on this resource list! If you know of a project that is mostly free to participate in, please let me know in the comments! I’d love to add it to this page. Right now I’m focusing on large-scale opportunities (so not the public library in your hometown), but as it grows I will likely accept smaller and smaller entities to the list.


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Whoa – interviews!

I’m still looking for PCVs and RPCVs to participate in my Peace Corps Life project. Right now I have about 25 countries already covered, but this leaves about 25 countries in need of current PCV representation!  Here’s the list of places I still need:

Burkino Faso
Costa Rica
Ivory Coast
Western Samoa

I’m looking for current PCVs from all of these countries to interview. Please get in touch with me via the Contact tab if you’re interested! And, of course, thank you to all of the PCVs who have already volunteered to represent their countries.

ATTENTION RPCVs:  I have added a new component to the project where I’d also like to do an interview with RPCVs from countries that are now closed by Peace Corps. Whether it was closed due to evacuation or “development accomplished”, I’d like to talk with someone from everywhere Peace Corps has ever worked. If you are an RPCV and want to represent your now-closed country, please contact me!


OMG - More posts! (and dinosaurs!)

OMG – More posts! (and dinosaurs!)

Due to the huge number of interviews I am (hopefully) going to be putting forth to you, my excellent and unreasonably attractive readers, Hannah Goes Fishing blog will be moving to (the occasional) two posts per week! One on Wednesday, and then the regular Sunday edition. I know what you’re thinking: this news is nearly as exciting as having a triceratops behind you!  The reason for extra posts is because I’d like to continue to bring you the news from Zambia and not just bombard you with interviews, interviews, and more interviews.

So, there ends the excitement. Thanks again for being such an awesome group of readers. Please know that I love your feedback, comments, and general newsy notes any time, so feel free to use that contact tab with gusto.

Fish on!


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