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These last few weeks having somewhat regular internet have been a delight in that I can finally catch up with some of the fantastic Peace Corps blogs floating around in the world wide web.  This week, I want to share a few of them with you.

1. The Wanderer in Zambia – Zambia

Written by my friend and fellow northern province volunteer, Terri.  Terri’s blog is one of my favorite to read and often inspires my own writing. She explores the village life with a straight-forward attitude that is a pleasure to read.

2. It’s Not About Me – Thailand

Written by PCV Christine, It’s Not About Me blog really embodies the spirit of service and the mantra all PCVs should adopt: it’s not always about us! Christine is also AmeriCorps alumni, and every time I read her blog I feel reinvigorated in my own service. She posts three times a week and there is an awesome archive of photos, videos (something I SO wish I could do with my blog), and many entertaining, heartfelt, and interesting blog posts to choose from.

3. Waking Up in Togo – Togo

Waking Up In Togo is written by incredible blogger and friend Chelsea. Now approaching the last leg of her service, Chelsea writes candidly and openly about the volunteer life. You’ve actually already met her through my This Africa Life series. You can check out her interview here.

4. Sponge and Slate – China

Written by PCVs Keith and Heather who hail from Ohio, Sponge and Slate is one of the winners of the 2014 Peace Corps Blog It Home contest!  They write candidly about their experience as a married couple volunteering in China, and their videos provide great insight into their job as teachers and the antics of their students. When I first opened this blog, I was surprised it won the Blog It Home contest. Their blog doesn’t have any of the bells, whistles, or high-def photography I’ve come to expect from other PCV blogs. Then, I read their posts and it became instantly clear why they were winners. Their writing sounds like someone is sitting in the room with you, talking passionately about their life of service. Their account of Peace Corps service has inspired me to add China to my list of “must visit” places.

5. From Moldova, With Love – Moldova

This beautiful blog is written by PCV Kate, a passionate, articulate, and wonderful woman introduced to me through our mutual friend (my sister). Since then, I have been an avid fan of her blog. Most recently, Kate has been a staunch advocate in helping victims of human trafficking and raising awareness of this blight in our world. I love her blog not only for her excellent writing, but also for the glimpses she offers into Moldovan life with music videos, photos, and portraits of her fellow volunteers.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s round-up of PCV blogs. Do you know of a great blog that I missed? Leave the link in the comments with a few sentences about why you love it! I’ll include it in the next round-up.  Stay well, keep writing, and fish on!


2 thoughts on “Light Reading

  1. Wow, im honored that you use your precious Internet time reading my blog and that I serve as some inspiration for you! Thanks for the shout out!

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