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Who Writes There?

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One of the fun parts of being a blogger is getting to know other fabulous writers through comments, left links, and traffic to my blog. This week, I want to introduce you to four fabulous female writers whom I have recently begun reading and following on the regular.

First off the block is my new addiction Went Looking, written by the exceptionally talented Leah. Her photos and blog look fantastic, but it is truly her gift for writing and prose that put her at the top of my list. Reading Leah’s work, which range from observations to short essays to travelogue, is enthralling. Each entry leaves the reader longing for a literary cigarette. The only thing I dislike about this blog is that I’ve already read through the archives and I can’t will her future posts into existence by the sheer desire to keep reading.

This month I started reading the blog of Hannah Brencher, who is the brains and sweat behind the passion project The World Needs More Love Letters. Hannah got her start believing in the power of sharing big, powerful, all-in deep-soul love with anyone, and everyone. She writes love letters to anyone and everyone who needs one, and now invites other people to sign up, write a letter, and share the love in a big way. If you remember back from this post where I talked about my own love for writing letters, you know that Hannah’s  project hits home for me in a big way. But it’s  not just her project; her writing blows me out of the water. Each entry is like holding her heart in your hand and letting it speak directly to your own. Hannah’s writing inspires me because she has the guts to be raw and real and emotional in a way I can only be in front of my cat. Read her, and consider joining her project to share that most vulnerable  of emotions : love.

Next, check out Hannah Mathers of Adventurous Han. She doesn’t  keep a regular writing schedule, but her content leaps off the page and makes you feel as if you’ve  got your favorite chatty friend on the phone. She’s  funny, vibrant, and writes fluently in both English and Spanish. I love that accessibility! Most recently her travels have taken her to Egypt, and next year she will be coming to Zambia as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the education program. This fine lady is going places, and I will be following along with every post.

Finally, meet Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications. She and her family seem to have never met an adventure they didn’t  like. Every year they put together a list of places to visit, activities to try, and adventures that would leave your heart in your throat. They have done it all, from a recent trip to Disney Land to extreme sports in all manner of exotic locations. I love this blog because it is inspiring, plain and simple. I enjoy reading about places on my own yet-to-visit list and admire Lesley’s tenacity to never back down from adventure. Check it out and see if you can resist the urge to book your next plane ticket!

I hope you enjoy this selection. Sometimes the internet feels oferwhelming to me;  so many great blogs to read, and so little time. I really appreciate finding the shortlist of a favorite blogger. It’s like a giant X on the internet map and meeting a new friend all at the same time.

Do you have any favorite blogs? Leave a link in the comments!


One thought on “Who Writes There?

  1. Wow, Hannah, thank you! I’m so flattered, especially since I love your blog as well. This also helps motivate me to produce more literary cigarettes (I love that and may have to steal the phrase from you!). I’m really excited to check out your other recommendations in just a moment. 🙂

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