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A few weeks ago I asked you, my dear readers, to help me out with a fundraising campaign.  Here in Peace Corps, one of our most successful programs is GLOW, or Girls Leading Our World, in which volunteers (both male and female) educate young women (ages 10-19, typically) about their bodies, female empowerment, healthy relationships, avoiding the pitfalls of being a female in a developing country (early marriage and pregnancy, etc.), nutrition, reproductive health, and many other important topics. Each year, the provinces in Zambia try to host a GLOW camp during which girls from GLOW clubs all over the province can come together and have a week of intensive learning, fellowship with their female peers, and a chance to see and do things unavailable to them in their village.

Of course, it’s important that this camp is free to the girls, and that’s where you come in. When I asked you to help us out in raising $1000USD to help fund our camp, 25 sensational people got on board and we have met our goal!  I want to thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart for your tremendous support.  In no particular order, here are the outstanding, loving, and extremely good looking people who helped out our campaign:

Denise Gilbert
Tina Seaton
Greg Paik
Bobby Thomas
Julie Feuerborn
Buck and Cathy Cochran
Cecilia Paik
Elise Boyer
Cate Be
Jim Lyon
Cindy Smith
Gretta Barclay
Sara Sabi
Sage Morgan
Katie Ollesch
Tan Ragland
Kristen Morrison
Barrett Flecher
Martha Hoffman
Catriona Reynolds

Again, my gratitude to you knows no bounds. You are true heroes to support these girls on the opposite side of the planet, and I am especially honored by how many of you reached out to support not only the girls, but also we volunteers with your comments of praise and support.  I promise to follow up our camp with photos, stories, and a full report on our experience together. Stay tuned, stay well, and stay wonderful.

Thank you! Natotela sana! Nasikilili mwani! Nataizya mukwai!

Psstt…want to read more about outstanding women? Check out my latest Go Girl article!


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