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We Interrupt This Program…

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Surprise mid-week post!  I am interrupting my regularly scheduled once-per-week blogging program to shamelessly ask you for money to ask your support for one of the best programs Peace Corps has to offer: GLOW (Girls Leading Our World).

I am joining a handful of other volunteers to bring several dozen girls to our provincial capitol for a one week GLOW Camp in December.  This camp is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of our remote village girls (I work with 73 of them in my village) to leave their villages, meet other girls from around our province, and learn about a whole host of topics ranging from female empowerment and leadership to reproductive health and healthy relationships. This is going to be a week of learning, friendship, and development for these young women.

But, we need your help!  In order to make this camp free for our girls (a top priority), we need to raise just $1000 between now and December 1st. So, one month, one thousand bucks. This money will go to lodging, food, transport, and learning materials for our girls. We volunteers pay all our own expenses to get to and from the camp, so be assured that every last penny will go toward making this camp a fun, educational, and empowering experience for these awesome young women.

So, how do you help?  You click right here!  This link will take you to our Go Fund Me campaign where you can donate any amount to help us out. $5? Awesome. $10? Yes, please! $20? *distance high five*  Any amount is helpful toward reaching our goal. At the end of this campaign, I’ll be sure to share with you stories and photos from the camp as well as thank each and every person who donated right here on this blog (first names only).

Want that link one more time? Here it is in copy-paste format: http://www.gofundme.com/noprozambiaglow14 .

Thank you so much for your readership, your support of these important projects, and for following and believing in the work Peace Corps volunteers do. GLOW is one of those programs that have both tangible and less immediate results.  We teach girls about condoms and saying NO! to early marriage, but we also get to watch them grow, experience a boost in self confidence, and become leaders in their communities where they are most needed. Your help in putting on our 2014 GLOW camp means you share a piece of that empowerment, and that progress in Zambia.


Louisa and her little sister Best

So, thank you. Natotela mkwai. Nataizya mkwai.


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