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Meet a Peace Corps Volunteer – Kendal

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I serve with some of the best volunteers in the world. IMG_20140203_130713Every now and again, I like to interview them to learn more about who they are.  Today I’m proud to introduce you to one of my closest Peace Corps friends:

Kendal Martel – Age 26

Where are you from?
I’m from Diboll, Texas.

What Peace Corps program do you serve in?
I am a forestry extension agent in the linking income, food, and the environment program (LIFE) for Peace Corps Zambia.

What’s your background like?
I have a degree in sociology and geography from Stephen F. Austin State University.

What are you most excited about for your service in Zambia?
I’m most exited to learn many new technical and life skills that I can put to work in Zambia, and then bring back to my life in the USA.

What are you most nervous about?
I think my biggest challenge will be adjusting to the pace of life in Zambia.  It will require a great deal of patience and grace, but it will be good to learn.

So you’re a LIFE volunteer.  What sort of other secondary projects are you interested in trying?
I’d really like to work with a biochar project. I also am interested in environmental education with kids, since that’s what I did back in Texas, and finding appropriate technology projects in my village.

Thanks Kendal!


One thought on “Meet a Peace Corps Volunteer – Kendal

  1. Dear dear Hannah! I am soooo happy to be on your trip with you! Xoxo, Auntie Patty

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