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Meet a Peace Corps Volunteer – David

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I serve with some of the best volunteers in the world. IMG_20140203_130208Every now and again, I like to interview them to learn more about who they are.  Today I’m proud to introduce you to:

David Haslinger – Age 62

Where are you from?
I’m from Angola, Indiana.

What Peace Corps program do you serve in?
I am a rural aquaculture project (RAP) volunteer.

What’s your background like?
I have a degree in engineering from Bowling Green State University, class of ’74.  My background is as an industry technician. I worked as an engineer professionally.

I also am on my third tour of duty with Peace Corps. I served as an environmental volunteer in Madagascar from 2007-2009. My project was making porcelain toilets.  I also served in the Peace Corps Response from 2010-2011.

What are you most excited about for your service in Zambia?
I’m excited for the adventure!

What are you most nervous about?
I’m not really too nervous. Mostly the travel logistics make me worry.

So you’re a RAP volunteer.  What sort of other secondary projects are you interested in trying?
I’d like to work with HIV/AIDS education, and maybe look into teaching AutoCAD if it’s at all possible and appropriate.

You’re a “non-traditional volunteer” in that you’re a bit older than the “average” volunteer.  What’s that like?
It’s not a big deal.  Everyone is really friendly and good-natured. Lots of “save the world” type of people. They’re good to be around.

Thanks Dave!


One thought on “Meet a Peace Corps Volunteer – David

  1. I hope you keep this up! I might just steal this idea. 😉

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