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All Packed Up


It’s the final five-day count down!  It is difficult to believe that I will be getting on a plane for Zambia (via Philly) here in just five short days.  Last night my parents and I threw a wonderful going away party for myself and another departing volunteer here in Homer, my hometown.  We got to meet RPCVs from my community, and I had a wonderful last get-together with friends I love.

I feel really lucky to be surrounding by so many wonderful and supportive people as I count down my last week at home.  People continuously encourage me by telling me that Peace Corps service is very challenging, but “will completely change my life.”  I can’t wait.

In the meantime, there are plenty of things to take care of.  My to-do list looks something like this:

– Figure out all my tax forms
– Sell my car
– Finish up a few writing projects
– Purchase a couple of last minute items for my packing list
– Compile an address book
– Get some new music from friends
– Copy all my important documents, and file my will with the court
– Spend quality time with family and friends
– 10 other things I’m sure I haven’t thought of, but will the day before I leave
– Have alternating stress dreams and excitement-based insomnia about things that aren’t on this list, but should be…

But it’s not all stressful.  I’ve finished my last work contract, and did a practice pack (a term that means “giant travel nerd”) tonight to make sure my travel pack could accommodate two years worth of belongings.  What does two years of stuff look like?  Behold:

I have just a couple of more things to add to my pack.  Duct tape, a spare set of batteries, and a combination lock to name a few. I’ll be sure to post a complete packing list once I’m finished.

Tonight’s stress dream special feature: did I pack too much? Or too little?  Find out next week!


6 thoughts on “All Packed Up

  1. I too enjoy your writing style. It feels like sitting with you, talking, sharing food. I truly enjoyed meeting you during your “back East” visit with the Lyon family and am excited to “join you” in Africa.
    Grace is doing okay; we sit together in church each Sunday. (It’s in the front row, right where the “preacher told me to sit”, says Grace!)

    Blessings, “Auntie Patty”

  2. I love your writing style! I need to start including pictures into my posts. I’m looking forward to read about your arrival in Africa!

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