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IMG_2577I have always approached blogging as something of a hobby; a way for me to talk about the world as I see it, and hopefully entertain a few folks along the way.  I’ve had a few run-ins with a larger audience – namely being kindly featured on some more popular blogs – but mostly have enjoyed keeping to myself.  It wasn’t until I switched over to WordPress that I realized I even had followers (hi guys!).

Then, through a series of fortunate circumstances, I happened upon two blogging opportunities in quick succession.  At first I second guessed myself.  Surely no one wants to read the musings of a small-time blogger, I thought. Then, with the encouragement of those who know me better than I know myself, I took the leap and applied to be a contributing blogger with two separate websites, both oriented toward travel, service, and women.

With a great deal of fortune and no small amount of luck, both blogs accepted me as a regular contributor!  I am honored and pleased to announce my two new blogging homes: Go Girl Travel and Volunteer Global. Of course, I will be continuing my regular blogging self here at Hannah Goes Fishing (sans future hiatus, with any luck), but you can find me once a month at both blogs.

Thanks to all those of you who have been following me over the years.  I look forward to continuing my blogging journey as I take these next steps into Peace Corps.

What Else Is Going On?

That’s a good question. After this fall’s long blogging hiatus (yeesh…sorry about that), there have been a few changes in this little life o’mine. Let’s get up to speed.

  • Earlier in the autumn, I was nominated for the Western Association of Graduate Schools Distinguished Thesis Award. While honored, I never expected the nomination to be more than just a feather in my cap. Well, I received an early Christmas present when back in December I was notified that I was a winner of the non-STEM award for my masters thesis.  I am truly honored and humbled to have been selected. My only disappointment is not being able to attend the awards conference in March, as I will already be departed for my Peace Corps Service.
  • I’ve been working as a private contractor under my very own business license: Downstream Consulting. I love being able to define myself as a professional, give my business a name and image that reflect my own personal beliefs and attitudes, and being able to work and learn within the fisheries field. You can check out more about my little (but growing) business here.
  • I went to Thailand for three weeks in December. I dove for the first time, and earned my open water SCUBA certification. I also caught up with old friends in Thailand, saw the latest incarnation of the Thai protests (remember that from way back when?), and got to soak up some sun before returning to the rain, snow, and wind of Alaska’s January.
  • I’ve been able to spend time with some close friends before I leave for Peace Corps, and spend quality time skiing, snowshoeing, and scraping ice off my windshield sitting by the fire.
    Liard Hot Springs, BC, Canada

    Girlfriends at Liard Hot Springs, BC

    Just over two weeks until I depart for Zambia.  While I haven’t experienced much anxiety up to this point, I am beginning to feel a growing apprehension as the date grows nearer.  Wish me luck as I gather the last of my luggage and say “farewell”.


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  1. You’re leaving just two months before I do. I’ll be going to Guyana for the Peace Corps at the end of April. I’ll be looking forward to following your adventure as I live mine. It’ll be fun to compare experiences. 🙂

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