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Peace Corps Update:Legally Cleared!

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The ball is really beginning to roll! 

The morning after I received my medical clearance email, I logged on to check my official PC application status (yet again).   I tell you: there is no finer feeling than seeing that measly little status finally change!

Legally Cleared!

So, now that I’m legally cleared, I know my application is sitting on some placement officer’s desk.  I’m really excited to hear from someone (literally anyone) regarding the next steps.  From what I’ve read, I think I’ll be asked to submit an updated resume, a survey of sorts, and perhaps do a phone interview with the officer before my final invitation is issued.  Apparently they’ve gone to an entirely electronic system for invites, which is a little bit sad since I was excited to receive the traditional blue envelope in the mail.  However, I’ll take what I can get!

More than anything, it’s really exciting to be part of the PC applicant community and be happy for other volunteers as invitations are issued.  This morning, I saw someone with an invite to Botswana!


One thought on “Peace Corps Update:Legally Cleared!

  1. hey! i enjoy ur writings and im trying to follow you but your follow button does not work… its saying email subscriptions are not enabled 😦

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