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Peace Corps Update: Medically Pre-Cleared!

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Today I received this email:

Dear Hannah,
We have reviewed the medical information you provided and have issued you a medical pre-clearance.
A medical pre-clearance means that, based on the information you have provided so far, you are preliminarily medically cleared for Peace Corps service.
This does not necessarily mean that you have been cleared for service in all Peace Corps countries. Based on the medical information you provided, we may impose limitations on the countries in which you may serve. In particular, we will only be able to place you in a country where you will be able to complete a tour of service without unreasonable disruption due to health problems, where we can provide you with necessary and appropriate health care and where your service as a Peace Corps Volunteer will not give rise to a significant risk of substantial harm to you or others.
This is also NOT a final medical clearance. Your final medical clearance will be based on the results of a physical exam, a dental exam, and lab tests you will be asked to provide if you receive a formal invitation to serve in the Peace Corps.
Your application will now be reviewed by our Placement Office. If the Placement Office issues you a formal invitation to serve, and you accept that invitation, the Office of Medical Services will contact you again with instructions on obtaining your final medical clearance.
You may check your Medical Applicant Portal (Medical Applicant Portal) for answers to frequently asked questions or to send a message to the Office of Medical Services.
Hooray!  I’m so excited to learn that my application is still moving along, and that I will hopefully be hearing from the placement office before too long.  This past week I had begun to give up hope that my application was going to be processed in any reasonable amount of time, and I had begun to look at alternative programs and jobs for September.  I haven’t entirely put those alternatives out of my mind, since my application could also sit in placement for quite a while.  But! I am rejuvenated with enthusaism and hope that I may still depart in September. 
You  may notice that the letter includes some caveats about placement. I’m not too worried about them because the letter is clearly a form letter, and included a “do not respond to this email” note at the end. So, it’s likely that my lack of medical problems will result in my be placed nearly anywhere that requires my skill set.
I still have no idea where I’ll end up.  I heard through the Facebook grapevine that Morocco no longer has a health extension program, and will only depart in March from now on.  Morocco was my #1 choice of placements, but I’m not really counting on it.  Instead, I’m trying to guess where I might instead be headed; Cameroon? Rwanda?  Who knows!

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