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Peace Corps Edition: Application, medical evaluation, and references

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If there’s one thing I’ve been warned about when it comes to applying for Peace Corps, it’s that the process will ultimately try your patience.  The application process and all its addendums can be extremely tedious with lots of waiting and wondering.  With these expectations in mind, I’m actually surprised by how quickly things have progressed.

I submitted my PC application last month while my assigned recruiter was out of town.  Her absence slowed things down a little bit, but I was immediately able to do the initial medical evaluation.  The PC office sent out my reference requests to the folks I listed as references, and it sounds like all but one have made it back already.  So far, so good!  Once all my references are turned in, I expect to be called for an interview (barring any negative responses).  From there, I’m not sure what to expect.

To the credit of my recruiter, she’s been really helpful in explaining the process thus far.  I feel that my application is in good hands.  Of course, as soon as I’m feeling confident about the process and being accepted and having a positive PC experience, our recent CouchSurfer (he is an awesome guy.  Check him out at http://www.expeditionsouth.com) came with tales of foreboding from PC volunteers he met while traveling in South America.  With those thoughts looming, I’m trying to remain positive and remind myself that I don’t have to accept an invitation.  But, I also really want to.  I think a PC assignment will challenge me like I’ve never been challenged before, and that’s a really appealing thought.

On the other hand, the upcoming end of my masters program also looms large, and with it comes acres of opportunities, neat trips, cool jobs, and other experiences that would be hard to pass up or postpone.  Decisions, decisions.  Thankfully, time is my friend in this instance and I have quite a bit of it to thoughtfully considering my future.


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