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Cleen Update

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Time for a personal products update!

So, I’m still really enjoying having only a single bar of soap and bamboo scrubber for my entire shower routine.  My next step (that I should take sooner than later) is to switch over to reusable razors.  It seems lately that I’ve just been foregoing shaving altogether instead, but summer knows that won’t last forever!

I have noticed recently that my scalp has been experiencing a little bit of buildup from my soap.  I’ve been using the coconut plant-based soap that Thomas introduced me to, but I haven’t been very diligent about keeping up on vinegar rinses.  Probably because I left my home made bottle of it somewhere (I use a lot of public showers since I don’t have running water at home), and haven’t gotten around to making up a new batch.  I am thinking, however, of switching over to Dr. Bronner’s again.  First, it just feels cleaner and I adore the peppermint variety.  It makes for such a nice, tingly scalp.  Second, I’ve never had residue problems with Dr. B.  So, maybe when this bar runs out I can make the switch.

As for using only soap and scrubbing on my face, I’ve actually seen a marked decrease in breakouts.  I still struggle with my shoulders from time to time, but I chalk that up to it being a difficult place to reach and scrub very thoroughly. I also am still finding that I’m using WAY less lotion that I have before, even in super-uber-dry Fairbanks.  That being, I’m milking my current lotion bottle for all it’s worth and need a replacement soon. Any suggestions?

Finally, a fun if slightly stressful change: M and I have moved!  Okay, so we only moved maybe 50 yards down the road from our old cabin, but our new one is so great! Lots of natural daylight (which my plants and vitamin D levels love), a slightly quieter street, and much better insulation that will hopefully help our fuel go much further.  We’re excited for our new digs.  I promise to post a picture soon!


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