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Life in Alaska Edition

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Across Alaska, this winter has been wild, unpredictable, and harsh.  Villages on Alaska’s west coast were iced in early, and drastic measures had to be taken to deliver enough fuel to allow them to survive the winter.  Communities in Southcentral Alaska have been hammered by tremendous amounts of snow, and it’s still falling some places.  Valdez and Cordova both had to hire extra help to dig out the towns, while my hometown of Homer is still seeing lots of wet, heavy snow piling up.  Such dramatic weather worries me, as I wonder how much of it is seasonal variation and how much of it is a result of changing climate and resulting changing weather patterns.  Regardless, it’s all part of living in Alaska and dealing with weather that regularly shuts other parts of the country down.

Taken by Bjorn Olson  Homer, Alaska

Such weather, however, can produce some phenomenal landscapes and scenery.  In this post, I want to share with you some photos taken by Alaskans that illustrate just why so many of us choose to tough out such extreme conditions.  Simply: it is breathtaking.

Taken by Bjorn Olson   Homer, Alaska
Taken by Zach Zimny   Homer, Alaska
Taken by Zach Zimny   Homer, Alaska

To see a larger version of these photos, click the photo and you can scroll through them.  If you’d like contact information for these photographers, email me or comment with questions and I will do my best to connect you to this amazing talent.  

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