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New Change Edition: Our Indoor Jungle

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As I write this post, I am crazily smiling at our cabin’s newest additions: tomato sprouts!  About a month ago, I woke up with the serious and demanding need to grow something indoors this winter.  I bundled up and went down to the local feed store to purchase a frozen block of potting soil and a recycled rubber animal food tray.  I already had a used Nancy’s yogurt container, and cut the tops off of two milk jugs to make a few more pots.  I realized that at some point I would have to transplant my plants into bigger pots, so I also swung by Value Village to pick up some larger potting materials, and an old plastic serving tray to catch drips.
Once arriving home, I had to impatiently wait for the soil to thaw and come to room temperature.  In the meantime, I went to Fred Meyer (my usual shopping place) and found that they were having a 40% off sale on many of their seeds!  I bought three packets of organic basil, tomato, and chive seeds (so cheap for so many seeds!) and came home to excitedly plant them.  My garlic also began to sprout while I was away for winter break, so I took the more developed of those cloves and put them on a wet paper towel to encourage root development.
Tomato sprouts, go!
Fast forward a few days and each morning my poor room mate has to listen to me quietly encouraging my seeds to sprout faster, and scolding them for being so slow.  Well, I am thrilled to say that a combination of encouragement/hopefully-played-classical-music/time has worked its magic (or maybe it was just the time) and I am proudly looking at a handful of delicate tomato plants eagerly working their way to the one sunny window in the cabin.  The garlic took off right away once planted, and one plant is already a foot and a half tall!  I think I’ll have to transplant them fairly soon to prevent them becoming root  bound in their milk containers. The chives and basil have just come up (much to my delight) and I’m hoping they’ll take off here quickly.  Somehow I always get so wrapped up in the lives of living things.
Next time on afternoon soaps: The Basil Amongst Us…
My own plant neuroticism aside, I’m very excited to be a novice indoor gardener!  I’m hoping the chives will be edible before too long, and the tomato package promises to be harvest-able within 60 days.  Hooray, homegrown food!  Because I am a renter, I’m apprehensive about investing a lot of time and capital into building a garden outside since I don’t plan to live here past next year.  Thus, I want to have a completely mobile deck garden, and perhaps a potato pile once the warmer weather hits (only five months to go!).  In the meantime, I’m trying not to inundate our small cabin with planters or test my room mate’s patience with my plant-nagging.
Update:  Since writing this post, I’ve gone and purchased seeds for green onions, rosemary, and nasturtiums.  Round two of gardening, coming right up!  My only problem so far is the very limited indoor light for the plants.  I’m thinking of including my seedlings in my happy light sessions to help them out, but I’m not sure how big of a difference it will really make.
Any suggestions for upcycled planters?  What indoor plants have been successful for you?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

One thought on “New Change Edition: Our Indoor Jungle

  1. I'm terrible at growing tomatoes. However, the one thing I do know is that they need deep roots. It doesn't matter how wide the container is, just as long as it's very deep. I grew a bunch of cherry tomatoes in my office this past year and the last plant finally stopped producing last week. And this is in a North-facing office! I'm going to see about growing some full sized ones in here soon. 🙂

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