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Living Green Update: No ‘Poo

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Well, it’s been about 10 days since I gave up sudsy, smelly, colorful shampoo, and I’m happy to report that the transition hasn’t been too bad!

Since I know giving up shampoo and making big hygiene routine changes can be intimidating, I want to be as transparent as possible about my own switch so if you feel inclined to try it out, you may have a better idea of what’s to come.  You should know that I have extremely thick hair, and right now it is pretty short (bangs at just above eye level, and the rest of it about 1.5-2 inches long).  You should also know that I’ve never been one for doing my hair up nicely, so my routine switch hasn’t included the need to have straightened, treated, etc. hair.  But then again, that’s sort of the point of my efforts; straightening, coloring, and most other hair treatments use up resources, chemically stress your hair, and in the end are only so other people think your hair looks nice.  While I feel it’s important that we all look good in our own eyes, I fully support ditching the extras and learning to love how we look on our own.  This can take some getting used to, and is probably the hardest part of going green and clean.  I rarely struggle with my own self image but there are times when I look in the mirror and think, “Man, so blush or mascara would really go well right about now.”

Anyway, back to the no ‘poo lollapalooza.  My routine has been something like this:

– Shower every day, or every other day, and rinse my hair with warm water while I scrub down with a single bar of soap (it’s pretty neat to be able to do my whole cleansing routine with just one cosmetic! More on this later.)
– A couple days into my routine, I noticed that on days I didn’t wash my hair, my hair looked a little duller, and was less ‘light’ feeling.  I attribute this to my scalp still producing lots of oil that I don’t really need, and hope that it goes away fairly soon.  Oily scalp and hair = yuck.
– Thomas bought a wonderful coconut based soap that I started using in my hair, and LOVE the results.  Now, ever other shower I rub some soap in my palms, and run in through my hair.  My hair has never been so shiny and I could style a giant mo-hawk with just my fingers due to the amount of body it has.
– After about a week, I noticed that I was beginning to get a little dandruff-y, which has never before been a problem for me.  I tried out my home-made vinegar rinse (1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup boiling water, a few drops peppermint essence for scent and tingle on my scalp) and began scrubbing my scalp with my finger tips even when I only washed with water.  This seems to have done away with the dandruff for now (I hope!).

My new favorite soap!

So in summary, so far so good!  I think what I miss most about using products isn’t the result of the product themselves, but the process of using them in the shower.  I’ve also been a long shower type of person (20 minutes just flies by when you have a plethora of products to use!), and this effort of going clean and green was also meant as a way to shorten my showers and really cut down my water consumption.  Now with just a bar of soap and a washcloth, my showers could take a minute or less.  Honestly, I just miss the time in the hot water!  But, yet another adjustment I can easily make with a bit of self control.


One thought on “Living Green Update: No ‘Poo

  1. Hey girl! I've been cleaning my face with a castor oil blend and moisturizing it with coconut oil (love the results), and have just recently been experimenting with no shampoo methods too! This is what I'm doing: http://ourlittleapartment.com/2011/10/still-shampoo-free/Good luck!

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