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Hiking the Snowbird Mine

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This past weekend, a friend and I embarked on another Alaskan adventure. Our mission: to hike and poke around the Snowbird Mine in the Talkeetna Mountains outside of Palmer, AK. We embarked Friday after work, and headed up toward Glacier Pass, which is the glacier carved valley that represents the scars the retreating glacier have left in on the landscape. The weather wasn’t great, but we were prepared and headed out onto the trail.

We spent our first night camped by one of several dozen beaver ponds. The lodge was not 100 feet from where we camped, and we were treated to up close and personal beaver sightings as the mated pair came out to patrol their lake. Beaver dams and lodges are truly incredibly feats of engineering, and it was so neat to watch them patrol their handiwork, and slap their tails in alarm when they caught wind of us.

The second day and night, we hiked up several huge mountains and ended up camping in the alternating wind/rain/snow/elusive sunshine. Of course, the morning we hiked back to the car, it was hotter than blazes and the sunshine was out in full force. Typical Alaska! Unfortunately for us, my friend’s truck was broken into and we had a firearm, wallet, and iPod removed from our ownership. I won’t dwell on these less than pleasant details as they really aren’t worth your or my time, so instead enjoy some of the pictures from our trip! I wish I had more, but our camera batteries died the second day, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that the Talkeetnas are a fabulous mountain range, and we had a really awesome weekend despite the terrible weather and unfortunate break-in.



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