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The Countdown Begins!

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Tonight is my last night at home in Homer, AK with my family. Tomorrow, my journey to Thailand begins, though not without a slight detour. I’m heading to Cooper Landing with my boyfriend Matthew for a couple days of snowshoeing before heading up to Anchorage to fly out at 3am on the 11th.

But let’s recap what’s going on.

I just finished my last semester of classes at UAF, and have been accepted through UAF and the IE3 internship program to intern at the Prem International Magic Eyes Barge Program in Bangkok, Thailand. The program caters to upper echelon Thai students from around Thailand, and teaches them about environmental science, watershed management, and caring for their environment. The idea is that this particular demographic of young people have the financial security to be comfortable, and so they can focus their energies on other things, such as protecting their fragile environment. Already there is a movement in Thailand to be more environmentally conscious and aware, but it is just the beginning. Thailand still fights many stigmas, political unrest, and poverty, and so continued education on the environment and its role in their survival as a nation is essential. My job will be to work with students for the first few months, and then eventually design and implement my own curriculum based on my own experiences in college and interning for the program.

As you might imagine, I am VERY excited to get there! I’m trying to fit everything into just two backpacks, and thus far have been successful, but I keep turning around to find something essential still left out. Ahh!

On a final note, I also just got back from a family vacation to Maui, Hawaii. It was spectacular, and I only wish I had been able to take my camera underwater and show you all the incredible fish we saw. In lieu of that, here are some photos from the trip, just to make you really appreciate all that snow.



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