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The End of July Thing

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This past week has been a whirlwind of moving and changing places. I got to Sand Point on the 25th and spent two and a half gorgeous days hanging out with the girls and decompressing from Port Moller. We took a hike down to Sand Dollar beach one evening and the setting sun and long fading light was absolutely breath taking. It was a great way to reflect upon the summer and enjoy my last few days on the peninsula. On the 27th I got on the ferry to head back to Kodiak with Rose and Rob, both Fish and Gamers. We picked up Laura (also WASSIP) in Chignik and made it into Kodiak at 3am on the 29th. I made it home after much gear shuffling by 4am, and conked out (as you can imagine).

My phone started ringing at 9am the next morning and it turns out to be the guy who hired me, Mark Witteveen. His first question after “good morning” is, “Hey Hannah, you want to go sample?” As one might guess, I was much more interested in staying in bed, but his offer of, “We’re going in a helicopter!” was too tempting. So I spent the day flying over the beautiful emerald isle of Kodiak in a helicopter, stopping occasionally to try and catch Chum salmon in a beach seine net (highly unsuccessful). It was an amazing way to see the island, and I have definitely changed my goal of becoming a small airplane pilot to being a helicopter pilot. The highlight of the trip was getting to wear dry suits and try to take fin clips off of live fish after wrestling them out of a net. At one point while I was trying to sweet talk a Humpy into not squirming so much, Mark turned to me and said, “Hannah, we do NOT negotiate with Pinks.” Strong words to live by, right there.

Since then, I’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather (70 degrees and sunny!) here in Kodiak. A girlfriend from school is in town, as are a few other friends, so I’m enjoying myself and getting back into the swing of living somewhere that has a road system. Joe and his family should be home in a few days, so I’m looking forward to seeing them and then getting home to home sweet Homer.


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