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Bears, Balls, Buoys…oh my!


Today I accomplished the only thing that I really would have hated to leave the Alaska Peninsula without completing: I found a glass ball. Actually, I ended up finding 7 of them a series of other cool miscellaneous things, but Rose and Bob helped me find all the others. It was so neat to treasure hunt for them out on the beach. We drove the four-wheelers several miles down the coast and, in between all our excited glass ball finding, we saw a whole whale skull, a decomposing walrus skeleton, and lots of other buoys and cool beach trash. There wasn’t too much of it out there either, which was nice. With all the weather out here I’m sure most things that was up either get eaten or reburied in the sand during the next storm. Of all the glass objects out there, there sure were a lot of alcohol bottles. A sure sign that there’s fishermen around I guess.

We also saw a bear fishing in a river where we turned around. He wasn’t having much luck, but it was cool to watch him try. When we headed back to camp, Bob took an alternative route to check on the airstrip and came back by the same road that Rose and I had our bear encounter on. We met him back at the cabins and he said the local sow and her brood were all down by the dump. Upon mentioning how I wish I could get some pictures of that, he immediately suggested that Bob, his 7 year old daughter, myself, and our trusty shotgun all buzz down the road and see if we couldn’t get some pictures. Despite my better judgment, I went and got a few pictures of furry backsides booking it down the trail. As we approached the dump where the bears hang out, I asked Bob if he thought we’d be able to get away safely if the bears were in a bad mood. His response: “I don’t know, how fast can you run?” Thank goodness we were on a four-wheeler! Bears are, without a doubt, very large, but they’re also very fast. I asked Bob just how fast he thought they might be, and his response was,”Oh, I don’t know, probably as fast as a four wheeler.” Oh, great. He also took me out to the “bear shack” where one can go out and observe the bears as the cross the tidal flats at night. Not sure I’m too prone to go watching bears in the dark, but it certainly was fun to get out on the machines and find cool things!

Tomorrow Rose and I are getting shipped out to some of the local weir camps to help out while there’s a personnel shuffle to start pulling the weirs out for the end of the season. It’ll be nice to get out to a new place and have a change of scenery. The days are starting to go by a little faster and I’ve got to admit that as much as I’m looking forward to getting back to Sand Point, Kodiak, and Homer, I’m really going to miss the Peninsula. Damn it Mom, you were right. Again.


2 thoughts on “Bears, Balls, Buoys…oh my!

  1. hello hannahsounds like you are enjoying the raw coast of western alaska. i am very envious. kathryn roberts is visiting me here in ithaca new york. todd is in the Park with his guiding group, and i hope he an your mom and todd were able to see each other today. miss youmary

  2. Bob is an awesome tour guide! I’m so happy to hear things are going great for you…I laughed so hard about your Watchman experience…I warned you about that “Frat Boat!” (I guess you can’t really call it “Frat” when the guys are in their 30’s!!) See you on the ferry…soon!!! (crazy how soon!)

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