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I can’t believe today is already the 5th. The days seems to crawl by, but then I wake up and realize I’ve already been here almost a week! Today is my first day back since my first tender trip. The weather was flat calm the whole time, so it was very pleasant the whole way out and back. Such weather is fairly rare, so I was glad to have my first trip be so mild so I could develop a method for sampling out on a boat. I went out on a tender called the Misty Blue whose skipper looks like the lead singer from The Cars. The whole crew smoked like chimneys, but were very kind and generous in helping me out with my sampling. One guy helped me pitch fish to sample and even laid them out for me so I could just sample a whole batch at once instead of stopping to put on some gloves, pitch the old fish, lay out some new ones, take off the gloves, find all my gear again, and then continue sampling.

I was gone a total of 42 hours, ate one very excellent pot roast dinner (who knew crew could also be excellent chefs?), and sampled around 400 fish. I think we even found an Atlantic salmon, but I’m not sure if it was or not. The scales were huge, but it was missing some of the more key characteristics. The guy who caught it said he was going to try to eat it, so I’m hoping we’ll run into him again and I can ask if the meat was white or not (Pacific salmon have true pink/red meat; Atlantic salmon have to be dyed to achieve that color). Lisa and Rose are out on The Determined right now getting the second and third day samples of the areas I did on my trip. We are done for this week, but I will probably go out again Sunday night or Monday morning, also on the Determined, to get Outer Port Heiden fish. The numbers for the next three weeks are a bit smaller than they have been this past week, so sampling should just get easier from here on out (depending on the weather, of course).

The beach here is really beautiful. As long as you can keep a good eye out for bears, it’s about a 2 mile walk round trip down to the end of the point and back. No glass balls yet, but I have found lots of sand dollars. When walking along the water line today, I found a beautiful jelly fish swimming just offshore. I waded out to it and watched for a while. Its tentacles were at least a foot long and a bright vibrant red. I didn’t touch (of course), but it sure was pretty. I also tried baking bread in a bread maker for the first time today, but the mix they give you to use kind of…well, sucks. It’s edible, but not very even and has a pretty hardy crust. I like the baking feature though since we don’t have any bread pans, so maybe I’ll just hand make dough and cook it in there. Still missing Sand Point, but am adjusting fine to tiny Port Moller. I think by the end of this summer, some fun in Kodiak, Homer, and Anchorage will be well deserved.


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