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Well, after a very long and distraught afternoon after hearing the Exxon news, Bri and Lisa knew the one tried and true method of putting your problems into perspective: go to the bar. So we did, and boy did we have a great time! We played a few rounds of pool and foosball and didn’t have to buy ourselves a single drink all night. It’s funny how darn nice everyone is to you at bars, especially when you’re a posse of pretty girls. After a few beers I was able to come to a more reasonable resolution with myself regarding the terrible unjust outcome of the Exxon case.

I think my grandmothers would probably be less than impressed with a choice to just be angry and might have more constructive things to say about it, like “Listen here, friend!” As my dear friend Walter put it, “Hannah- it is OUR task to make the world a better place, so people can no longer get away with such bull.” And right he is. What better incentive to go out and make the world an infinitely better place than to put certain big business scumbags back in their environmentally responsible place. So, to sum up, today is a good day (the sun might even come out!) and things will be okay, even if those knuckleheads won this round.


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