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Well, ain’t this a geograhical oddity!

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Today I had a great personal achievement; I baked my first lemon meringue pie. This includes making my first pie crust from scratch which actually turned out pretty good. Well, at least it looks pretty good. Darn pie has to cool for a few hours in the fridge before I can eat it, so for now I’m just pleased with the aesthetics of it all. It tasted pretty good when I was cooking up the lemon goo and marshmallow-y meringue, so I’m hopeful to say the least. And hungry. I wish that pie would hurry up and cool. Don’t worry Mom, I’ll eat a “real lunch” first.

Anyway, today the weather finally gave up and stopped raining and blowing. Well, mostly just raining, but at least we can go play outside again. We’ve been swimming a lot at the local pool lately and I can feel myself starting to get in shape. I’ve also discovered that while Sand Point may have basic amenities, it’s (in the words of George Clooney) a geographical oddity! It’s about 7-10 days from everywhere. Having something sent here means that the parcel has to go much further southwest than Sand Point, and then get flown back here.

We sample again tonight, but Lisa is back in town from her trip to Chignik and there’s absolutely no use for all three of us down there. Bri tweaked her back recently though, so maybe Lisa and I can pitch fish furiously while she takes fin clips. Or maybe I’ll just practice my scale sampling while they do the real sampling. Either way, it’ll be nice to get back down on the dock and get slimy for an evening. With not much else to do until work picks up, I’ve been staying in touch with lots of folks that it’s easy to forget to email. It’s been great hearing from friends from last summer and hearing from Joe’s family. As Joe’s stepdad put it, “You’re part of the family for good now. We love our bonus kids!” Especially being out here it’s great to get some love from afar. Thanks everyone for commenting and emailing! Totally makes my day. Well, I’m going to devote the rest of this post to photos that I can finally upload with today’s spontaneously fast internet. Take care.


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