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Socked In

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Happy Solstice! Yesterday, as all of you should know, was Solstice. Unfortunately, we didn’t see much of those long sunlight hours due to being socked in by the weather yet again. We did eventually decide last night that we absolutely couldn’t just let Solstice pass us by sitting around in the warehouse reading our respective books, so we went to the bar. I find it almost comforting that no matter where you go to a bar in Alaska, there will always be several common factors: fishermen, a high ratio of men to women (“The odds are good but the goods are odd!”), various paraphernalia covering the walls with no apparent logic, and at least one good rendition of CCR. There was even a lifering from the U.S.S Hickory – the coast guard vessel out of Homer. No idea how they got that.
With more drunk fishermen fresh off the boats than desperate women available (lots of the former, little to none of the latter), it’s pretty easy to just sit in one place and let people buy you beer. I think between the three of us (Bri, Amanda, and myself), we probably set a new record for the average age of men trying to pick us up. I’d guess about 55 or older. I’ve gotta hand it to Alaskan men; they may not age gracefully, but their hope springs eternal.   Either way, it was a good time and a nice way to get out and see some other people.
I’m expecting my marching orders to head to Port Moller any day now. They’ve been getting a slow and steady stream of fish up the rivers on the north side, so hopefully sometime early next week I can head that direction. Sand Point is a nice place, but I’m definitely feeling the urge to be somewhere else for a while. I’ve got the petrified wood and beautiful shells; now it’s time for some glass ball finding and up close bear viewing! It’d also be nice to have a more regular work schedule. The fishery closed last night at 10pm, and opens again at 6am tomorrow morning. Not much of a rest for the fishermen, but they’re really not the type to worry too much about sleep at the moment.
Not much else to report. Hopefully the weather clears up sometime soon and I can make it out of here. Take care and Happy (day after) Solstice!


One thought on “Socked In

  1. Hello Hannah,I spoke with your mom last night and got the skinny on everyone in the family.What an experience you are living!Enjoy the ocean ice and mountains for me. No Alaska for me this summer. Be well, love mary

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