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Back in Sand Point

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So today marks a week of being back in Sand Point. I’ve gotta say that even without much structured activity, I’ve having a pretty awesome time. A few days ago Lisa and I went four-wheeling and made it up to an overlook above the airport. It was absolutely beautiful, and we picked some Fireweed shoots to grill in butter and eat as a side to the steak and mashed potatoes dinner we had that night with the other F&G guys. They turned out to be really bitter and disgusting, but I made the potatoes from dad’s usual recipe and they turned out pretty good.

The day before yesterday Lisa and I climbed a nearby mountain called Skinny Butt (named due to the appearance of being mooned if you look at the hillside from the right angle). It’s a bit of a scramble once you get near the top, but it was definitely worth it once we made it up there. The top is usually a nesting site for arctic terns so we were on the lookout for nesting sites (they lay their eggs right on the tundra), but we didn’t see any. The cold spring seems to have delayed all forms of organic life from their usual breeding seasons. We did see some mating eagles that were circling us as we climbed. It was pretty awesome. At least nine eagles all using the thermals and calling to each other right over our heads! It was pretty neat to have done enough exploring on Poplof Island that I can stand on one high place and be able to see several others that I’ve also stood on. The landscape is so dramatic with the mountains sometimes rising straight out of the sea and no true trees to impede the landscape. I love the tundra, though at the moment it’s a little crunchy from lack of rain. There’s a low headed our way, though, so hopefully we’ll get enough rain to green everything up before I head up north where it’s still brown.

The weather has been pretty fantastic lately, so last night I went for a walk around 10pm. The sun was still well above the horizon, but was casting that long golden light on everything. It was so nice just to walk down to the harbor and see the sun reflecting off the water and all the boats. Walking back I was filled with this feeling of buoyancy and happiness, and couldn’t think of a more wonderful place to be at that moment. How lucky am I to be way out here in this neato place while still young and energetic? Sometimes even when life gets you down, the world shows up to lift you back up to that near euphoric place that lets you be okay with your life, however it may be. Sometimes I think I’ve got to be the luckiest person in the world.

But I digress. We got a grocery barge in from Seattle a few days ago, and that means fresh produce! Hooray! We even got real asparagus from the store today. Milk was apparently on sale at only $8.99 a gallon! Lisa took off to Chignik today to visit the people who are helping her with her grad school research, so it’s just Bri and I cooking and living together. We found some frozen Cornish game hen, so we’re thinking that one of these nights between openings we’ll cook it up stuffed with herbs, and eat it with some cooked carrots and asparagus. Delicious. Oohh…speaking of delicious, I made a veggie stir fry last night, and topped it off with some baked apples! They were so good with a dollop of ice cream on top. Very easy to make, and according to the recipe, they’re low fat and low calories. I don’t know why I care about that at the moment, but it seems liked a good thing.

Speaking of working, Bri and I are going to the pool to swim tonight, then swinging by the local library for some more reading material. I’ve emptied the house of all things interesting to read, so it’s time to restock. It looks like I may yet be here for another week or so since Port Moller’s fish counts are still abysmal. The guys here in Sand Point have been fishing up a storm since the fishery opened at 6am this morning, so we’ll be heading down to the docks around 7pm tonight to take some more samples. I think I’ll be practicing my scale plucking so I’m an expert by the time I head out to Moller. That’s all for now. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your summer!


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