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Monkeys in Space!

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Today is day 3 in King Cove. We had our first batch of sampling this morning. We took fin clips from over 600 Sockeye and Chum salmon starting at 6am. Long morning, but it was fun to get out there and finally do some work! All the guys working on the docks are extremely helpful and accommodating to our work. Most of the folks working out here are from another country, and I definitely feel like a minority with my glow-in-the-dark complexion. My crew leader says that different cannery chains will have different demographics of immigrants due to their different recruitment strategies. Peter Pan Seafoods (the cannery we’re working at currently) recruits from the Philippines and South Africa, while Trident Seafoods (another competing cannery) supposedly focuses on Eastern Europe. No idea what the strategy is there, but it’s interesting to be around so many people who aren’t like me.
But let’s back up. Yesterday we didn’t have much to do other than visit with the cannery manager and Jim the tender guy, so I decided to experiment with my new sourdough starter. I mixed up a batch the night before, and was able to make a pretty hearty batch of very delicious sourdough pancakes the next morning. It was hard to not burn them since the batter cooks REALLY fast, but in the end we had some nice golden brown blueberry cakes to enjoy. I also made up some pot roast in the slow cooker, and 8 hours later we had a delicious hearty dinner waiting for us. I love slow cookers. They are just so easy, and I have never had pot roast better than that made in a Crockpot.
We also went for a walk down the beach before dinner, but the tide was high so the going was tough over lots of medium-sized rocks. The rocks here are much smoother and less volcanic feeling than those in Sand Point, and they come in colors! We found red, green, and distinctly purple stones all over the beach, as well as thousands of snails just offshore. The cove here is pretty well protected, so it doesn’t get as many cool pieces of beach junk washing up. It’s still very pretty though, and surrounding by some rather dramatic mountains that seem to rise straight up. I also learned today from a local that because of the mountains and the area surrounding King Cove, the exceptional winds that occur here aren’t caused by blowing, but more of a sucking phenomena of air out of this area and into the more exposed ocean surrounding us. So, I guess it would be correct to say that King Cove doesn’t blow, it sucks! It’s pretty neat how some of the locals decorate around here. We passed on cottage that was had decorated the tops of their fence posts with glass balls, and had many colors of laundry drying on the lines in their yard. It looked like something out of a movie.
In other news, we’ll be heading back down the the docks tonight to figure out the schedule for tomorrow. The openings here last 88 hours, so it’ll finish up tomorrow, but we still have some samples left to get. The second Tech arrived today, so Lisa and I will be heading out soon. We’ll probably head back to Sand Point before I finally get to ship out to Port Moller. The fleet in Sand Point is on strike due to low fish counts and low prices (what else is new?). The fish are starting to show up north of Sand Point though in Chignik, so hopefully they’ll be fishing by the time we get back there. After the initial runs on this side of the peninsula, some of the boats here head around to the north side to finish the season up there. Hopefully the fish start showing up soon so I can get underway at my more permanent location.
In the meantime, Joe and I broke up so I’ve been trying to keep myself busy and not think too much about it. We’ll remain friends and all that jazz, but it’s hard anyway. We found ourselves a puzzle at the community center which we have entitled Monkeys in Space! (not the band unfortunately, as that would probably be much more fun to put together). 700 pieces which we finished in less than 24 hours. Tomorrow we’re going to go back and see if we can upgrade to a 1000 piecer. Otherwise, things are good and I’ve enjoying seeing these new places. Pictures of everything recent to follow shortly.


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  1. Hannah – we write to you from sunny, warm Santa Barbara where we are having a wonderful time with your first and second cousins, and your Auntie Linda. Of course all send their love and we wish you were here with us. Next time! Glad you’re finally getting your hands on some fish. Janet and Terry arrive tomorrow and the four of us head to Santa Cruz Thursday. Good luck on the cooking – sounds like you’re off to a great start!Love, Mom and Dad

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