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The Windiest Place

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Today we finally got out of Sand Point and flew to King Cove. The flight over was with a local pilot named Steve. Steve’s been flying for years and is that perfect old salty nice guy. We flew over in a Beaver, which is a small bush plane. The flight over was really beautiful and smooth until we got to right before King Cove. As Steve put it, “I could fly here with my eyes closed. Just fly around and wait ’til I find turbulence. Welcome to King Cove!” After a not too exciting landing, we hitched a ride with our mounds of gear to the little apartment we’ll be staying in for the next week or so. After getting settled in, we went to the cannery to check in with the tenders and the folks who run the plant and let us pester them while we try to take samples. Sounds like we’ll be going out on tenders here pretty quick, but hopefully we can spend the first few days in the cannery taking samples from the slime line and get used to our tasks before heading out to sea. Best part of the day was spending $400 on groceries out of Fish and Game’s pocket. There’s something to be said for retail therapy. 🙂
For now I’m stealing wireless (I’m becoming an accomplished thief) from someone else in this apartment complex. Our first work date is around 4am on Sunday morning, so tomorrow I think we’re going to take a stab at getting into the ‘go-to-bed-early-get-up-before-a-humane-hour’ gig.


One thought on “The Windiest Place

  1. $400 on groceries!!! Holy smokes. That means prices must be even crazier there than here in Sand Point. You were so cute on those bumps into the airstrip!

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