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So remember last time when I said we were going to King Cove? Yeah…I guess the weather had other ideas. Technically we could have gotten out just fine yesterday, but we decided to risk it and wait for another Tech II to show up from Kodiak. Turns out that when the weather is good here, it’s apocalyptic everywhere else, and so they couldn’t fly over. This morning we woke up to some 30 knot winds blowing the heck out of everything, and thus we are stuck in Sand Point for at least one more day. Oh well. Better here where there’s internet and phone than next door neighbors with a cannery.
So day before yesterday we went down to the beach since it was still nice and went tidecombing. I had such a good time, and it was fun to remember just how much I love to do that. We walked as far as we could on the sand and then climbed on the rocks for a bit. I think the rocks here are all relics of when this area was a little heavier in volcanic activity, since they feel very porous and rough under foot. The beaches are littered with old fishing gear, and there are old nets and corks everywhere, worked into the sand, and make these pretty mosaics with the beach grass. It’s a shame there’s so much trash on the beaches, even this far out in the middle of nowhere, but I guess that’s the price of having such a huge fishing industry in this area. It sure is fun to pick up and make things out of though. Bri, my co-worker out here, is trying to collect enough floats to make a mobile for her apartment next semester.
Yesterday we took Lisa’s kayak (she’s my crew leader and a grad student in Washington) out for a christening and a test float. We broke an egg over the bow (we were a little short on anything classier), said some good words about fair weather and strong strokes, and then watched her putz around for a while. Her kayak is super small (she’s a pretty tiny lady anyway; smaller than I am) and only weighs about 40lbs. It’s a pretty expensive toy, but it’s one of those buys that lasts you a lifetime if you take care of it. I think that maybe when I graduate I may buy myself one and use it as my reason to live near water. It’s great exercise and a fun way to explore coastline.
Due to out extreme lack of things to do around here while the weather is atrocious, the girls and I have approached a the dangerous state of near-productivity. I have finished two novels in the last two days, watched several movies, learned to cook with sourdough, cooked a stir fry and rice dinner with homemade apple crisp dessert last night, and today we are planting starts for summer veggies and remodeling the kitchen. I think if we’re stuck here one more day I may even start on that paper that’s due at the end of this month. Dang!


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