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A change in the weather

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A Sand Point sidewalk

Since arriving in Sand Point, the weather has made every effort to be completely miserable. It’s been rainy and windy and cold with admirable consistency for the past few days, but it seems today that there may be a change. Walking down from the bunkhouse to the coffee shop today I felt, dare I say it, perhaps a little too warm. There’s even the suggestion of some blue sky if one doesn’t look too hard and, if we’re very, very lucky, we may even see some sun! Let’s just say it’s about gosh darn time.
Along with the nice weather it’s looking like we’ll be shipping out. Rumor has it I’ll be sent off to King Cove tomorrow to work their first opening. I should probably be there until around the 12th, and then will probably fly over to Port Moller where I’ll be until the end of July. I’ve heard there’s only very limited Internet and phone there, so I may be a little incommunicado for a week or so. There may be one computer for use in the cannery, so hopefully I can use that from time to time.

I’ve spent the last few days sleeping in, preparing our gear to head out, playing copious amounts of Scrabble, and refreshing my memory in baking homemade goods. One of the girls I’m bunking with grew up in a very remote place, and learned to make everything she likes to eat from scratch. So far we’ve had a blast making cookies, tortillas, pizza dough, pancakes, and a variety of other delicious breakfasts, lunches, anddinners. She has some sourdough starter that I’m hoping to divide and take with me when I head off to Moller. It’d be nice to be able to do some of my own bread and doughs while I’m out there. Sand Point itself is a really nice little place. Not much here, but one could develop tennis elbow waving back at everyone who passes by. The land is still pretty brown (it looks like late March around here), but there aren’t much in the way of trees so the tundra still looks nice without all the green. Most of the people here are native, or some mix of native, Asian, or Caucasian. I’m definitely the whitest person I’ve seen so far. The native group out here in Aleutic, or Aleut, but most are probably Russian-Aleutic due to the Russian influence back in the 17 and 1800’s. There’s still a heavy Russian Orthodox presence from that period, and the local cemetery is full of Russian Orthodox crosses. There’s even a little radio station here looking for DJs. I almost wish I was hanging around so I could sign up to do a show a few times a week.
The girls and I are going to head out to go tidepooling and beachcombing, so this is the end of this update. Hope everyone is doing well!


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